Our Lives and the Future Are in His Hands.

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Discovering Daniel Book Cover
Discovering Daniel Book Cover
Discovering Daniel Book Cover
Discovering Daniel Book Cover

Our Lives and the Future Are in His Hands

While the world appears to be in dire straits, the book of Daniel paints a vivid picture of the many ways God guides our lives and world events, providing us with great reason to hope.

Using the same deep but easy-to-understand style found in his standout seller Revealing Revelation, bestselling author Amir Tsarfati reveals how Daniel’s prophecies—and his unwavering faith in a contentious culture—provide vital insights for living out these last days with hope and wisdom. As you explore the deep connection between Daniel and Revelation, you will learn how

  • 2,500 years of future history unfolded exactly the way God said it would, demonstrating how all things are in His hands
  • Prophetic mysteries in Daniel reveal crucial insights into the signs, timeline, and events of the last days
  • God’s ability to use Daniel’s faith in powerful ways shows how He can work through us too Discovering Daniel reveals how the words, actions, and visions of the prophet Daniel can provide you with purpose and hope in today’s chaotic world, encouraging you to live with confidence in God’s supreme sovereignty and love in the time we have left on this earth.
Amir Tsarfati Bio Picture

Amir Tsarfati

Founder & CEO of Behold Israel

Amir Tsarfati was born in Jerusalem to a Jewish family and has lived in Israel his entire life. While fulfilling his military duty, Amir served as the deputy governor of Jericho, being tasked to negotiate and coordinate with the Palestinians for a successful Israeli withdrawal from the city. Following his military service, Amir studied at Israel’s School of Tourism at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He worked as a licensed tour guide for Sar El Tours and Conferences, and was eventually promoted to CEO.

After guiding countless church groups from all over the world, God convicted him of the great need to explain Israel and its role in God’s plan. In 2001, Amir founded Behold Israel while maintaining his career in tourism, and in 2014 the ministry became a registered non-profit, allowing Amir to fulfill a larger calling. Behold Israel instantly became a major provider of worldwide real-time news and information about Israel within the context of Bible history and prophecy.

Over the last two decades, Amir’s message has expanded to large platforms around the globe, including churches, conferences, and an ever-growing online teaching ministry. Amir is now the author of several bestselling books, including Revealing Revelation, a compelling and informative guide to the Book of Revelation.

Amir is married to Miriam, and together they have four children. His home overlooks the valley of Megiddo (Armageddon), which is a constant reminder of the Lord’s calling on him to teach Bible prophecy.

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